Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nige At It Again

Readers with long memories might recall that my eBay habit was a running theme for a while. Well, I still make the odd foray - always buying, never selling (yet) - and this morning, with a well-timed late bid, I 'won' a Nicole Farhi summer suit (beige cotton), barely worn, for £26 (i.e. about a 20th of list price). I am rather pleased about this. My Nicole Farhi reversible winter coat (£60) is already the stuff of legend. Bryan, of course, assured me that it would burst into flames as soon as I put it on. He's an Issiye Miyake man himself.


  1. There are, apparently, in the two TK Maxx emporia in Edinburgh, (I of course would not personally know this, never having shopped there myself,) legions of people, with trolleys stocked to the gills with outsize designer label goodies, bent on selling them on, on EBay. So, Nige your kit may have originated in Embra, sold on to you by Ally Darlings missus, who allegedly checked up on how his pension pot stood (as, apparently have the entire government, after the final straw, Sauron being described as a full stop by that spear chucking looney in Harare,) she discovered, to her horror that his predecessor had stolen it, and everybody else's.
    She now, apparently is taking in sewing, undoing the pub bans, working part time as a local government snooper (counting the number of chips that kids eat) and other types of charity work, unspecified.

    Is that not poetic justice, the thieves have stolen their own swag.

    More avian woes, Malty juniors wife's car windscreen in collision with a merlin. Deceased dickie given a christian burial in an Asda bag. In the council bin marked "dead merlins", of course.

  2. Stone me Malty - a merlin eh? Lucky nobody was prosecuted (but then it always is these days). In my boyhood I somehow inherited a stuffed merlin. The head kept coming off...
    As for TK Maxx, the beauty of eBay is that it means you never have to set foot in such establishments.

  3. You will have to wear Nicole's suit to one of her husband's plays to complete the karmic transaction. Isn't "The Vertical Hour" on in London now?

  4. It might well be, Susan, but I never visit the theatre if I can avoid it. I do like Mrs Hare's clothes though...

  5. Good God man, what on earth is wrong with Henry Poole. A gentleman need never go anywhere else but his fine establishment on Savile Row. Having a couple of suits knocked up for me as I write.

  6. Recusant, you clearly have money...